Keywords = Bioavailability
Number of Articles: 6
3. Design, Development and In Vitro Characterization of Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System for Irbesartan

Volume 9, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Pages 67-80

Supriya Patil; Vinit Patil; Amol Shete; Rajendra Doijad

4. Transdermal Delivery of Insulin by Biodegradable Chitosan Nanoparticles: Exvivo and In vivo Studies

Volume 8, Issue 1, Winter 2012, Pages 315-321

Vijayan Venugopal; Jaya chandran

5. Phytosome: Drug Delivery System for Polyphenolic Phytoconstituents

Volume 7, Issue 4, Autumn 2011, Pages 209-219

Anupama Singh; Vikas Anand Saharan; Manjeet Singh; Anil Bhandari

6. Nanosized Technological Approaches for the Delivery of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs

Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2010, Pages 149-162

Basavaraj K. Nanjwade; Ganesh K. Derkar; Hiren Bechra; F. V. Manvi