Keywords = Evaluation
Number of Articles: 3
1. Utilization and prescribing Pattern of rivaroxaban in a large teaching hospital in Iran

Volume 17, Issue 3, July 2021, Pages 91-102

Sarah Mousavi; Mohadeseh Saffari; Bahareh Hakiminia; Mohammadreza Amirsadri; Narges Ansari

2. Synthesis and Purification of Acamprosate Calcium and its Evaluation by RP-HPLC in Pharmaceutical Dosage forms

Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 19-28

Ali Ramazani; Mehdi Rezaei; Farideh Gouranlou

3. Evaluation of Analgesic activity of Ficus palmata

Volume 15, Issue 3, July 2019, Pages 47-60

SHAIK AMINA BEE; A. Lakshmana Rao; K. Sowmya; D. Nymisha; K. Kusuma Naga Lakshmi; K.V.N.S. Manikanta; P. Praveen Kumar